A love story written in the stars…

Someone I know once wrote this and I figured I’d give it justice by posting it since it’s a nice story.

It’s called “Star Light, Star Bright”

Twenty-five years ago, on a night when the winds stopped blowing and the moon glowed with the strength of the sun…for a brief moment a gentle peace pervaded the earth.  It was during this moment of calm when God gave birth to two stars in the heavens.  The young stars, although apart from each other, glowed with vibrancy and warmth…when together drew an undescribable energy of life that penetrated all darkness.  Their spirits shined with truth and purity that was seen only once in a lifetime.

God, seeing their perfection, became somewhat puzzled and worried about the way he bestowed it upon them.  Each were so dependant on the other’s love for survival, that they weren’t able to grow within themselves their own souls that remained lingering behind a wall of solitude.  Therefore, God declared to them, “The love I bestowed on you thrives with unimaginable depth and passion.  I am pleased, but I fear that you fail to understand the importance and rarity of your type of love.  Hence, I will separate you from each other so you can each find your own paths apart.  If after you are able to discover each other again, only then will you appreciate the omnipotence of the love that is true as yours.”

With that, God took the two stars and scattered them against the heavens.  They soared apart for years until they finally fell quietly upon earth.  Each star was reborn into the spirits of two newborn children, one boy and one girl.  Like the stars, the children possessed a genuine gift for emotion and compassion which was recognizable by all those who loved them.  Despite this willingness to love and be loved by others, both grew up with a certain amount of emptiness visibly in their hearts.  And as lovers came and past in their lives, none were able to find someone with the same kind of appreciation and understanding of love that they held in their hearts.   Fortunately, it was this very void that allowed them to further cherish and nurture the love that perhaps one day, would cross them.

Then, on a night when the winds stopped blowing and the moon glowed with the strength of the sun, the two children, now adults, happened to be walking along the same stretch of pathway on a beach.  The two of them, so entranced from the clarity of the stars strewn against the darkness of the night, literally bumped into each other.  Taken aback by the collision, the two turned towards each other and said, “Oh excuse me, I was watching the stars…” As soon as they heard the softness of each other’s voice, a strange familiarity swept through them.  They looked into each other’s eyes and saw the souls of themselves in peace and in love.

Meanwhile, God, looking down upon the man and woman, realized that these were the souls of the two stars he once separated.  And as the man and woman touched hands, he gathered the spirits of the two stars in his embrace and once again, placed them in the heavens where they remain there as a symbol of the kind of true love that we should never give up searching for…


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