How do you define a good weekend?

Weekends come and go. We are happy to see them as they approach and feel anguish to be over them so quickly.  The best thing about weekends is that it’s a repeating process.  You get over one you know there’s another coming up.  There is always opportunity to make up for a bad weekend by having a good one the following week.  So what makes it a good weekend for you?

I always say a good weekend for me includes one more more of the following.  If I’m lucky, I touch on all of them.
– Spending time with friends.
– Exercising, which can include several or more activities like running, golfing, hiking, playing tennis, surfing or hitting the gym…
– Hanging with the family.
– Eating! Good food of course!
– Downtime to relax and chill especially after a hard work week.
– Motivation…to actually do the things I don’t have time to do during the week like clean my bathroom/room or yardwork :p

Those are the things that I would consider to be a perfect weekend.  This last weekend was a great weekend for me.  I hit on everything!  What makes a good weekend for you?!


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  1. Great meeting you this weekend~~ heard you guys tore it up at tweeball! 😀 For me, a great weekend is a mashup~ friends/family and being productive with school work! Hopefully, when I have more downtime, It’ll include more cooking/baking and working out to counteract all that eating. HAHA!


    • Haha, oh nah that was Ryan & Keith tearing it up. I sorta just felt like I was moving from one side of the court to the other. I like your response, I should have probably added the school thing since I enrolled into Japanese class. Better late then never I guess?! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I pretty much agree w/your list, to include anything that makes my boys smile (like this weekend they had a blast crawling through & tearing down our homemade “tunnels”)


    • Homemade tunnels? I use to enjoy making a make shift indoor tent using my blankets, chairs and pillows. It was like my unpenetrable fort that kept out people and the “boogey man.” Felt like it was such a long time ago….like 2007…LoL!


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