Dean’s Drive Inn

So the other day as I was online I checked out the Shay & Lala show like any normal person online “would” be doing (>_<) and it just so happened that they were at Dean’s Drive Inn in Kaneohe.  (Click here if you wanna check out clip).  This was an eatery I had always wanted to check out after previously reading about it on a blog post by @nanigurl on  The video sealed the deal for me and I had to check this place out.

Since I’m a “townie” I don’t get out to the Windward side very often but luckily for me, today we had a 1/2 day TV shoot out at Olomana for @FarmersHawaii.

"Plug" for Farmers Hawaii TV shoot

Ignoring the Kraft Food services today, a few of us saved our appetite for Dean’s!  We had heard a lot about their Ahi Cakes and the Beef Teriyaki….so we had to get both!

Dean's Drive Inn

View from line when you first walk in.

Menu is a bit out of the way from the line, you gotta walk up and see what you want.

Cream of corn soup.

Beef Teriyaki w/ brown rice & salad.

Ahi cakes w/ brown rice & salad.

Overall, the taste of the food here was a winner.  For you vegetarians, they have a full menu just for you!  I’d say the only drawback of this place was their limited seating.  They have about 5 booths to sit 4 people.  So if you go during a meal “rush hour,” you might want to have a back up plan to order take-out and dine somewhere like at a nearby park our outside of the establishment on the sidewalk.  Today we actually saw a few fellas eating off the tailgate of their truck (which is why I love having a truck).  Dean’s Drive Inn, is probably worth the drive to the Windward side.  Check it out when you can.

Dean’s Drive Inn
45-773 Kamehameha Highway (after St. Mark’s Lutheran School & before the Police station)
Kaneohe, HI 96744
(808) 247-1300
Mon-Thur:  11am – 6pm
Fri:  11am – 4pm
Sat:  Closed
Sun:  11am – 6pm


5 responses to this post.

  1. I recently passed there but we already had eaten. I keep forgetting about that place. Hopefully next time I’ll remember to go.

    Nice to know they have a full vegetarian menu!


  2. full veggie menu and deeeelish food? i don’t have a car, but i’ll figure out a way there! ahahaha. 😀 thanks for the tip for us veggies!


  3. Posted by nanigurl on March 25, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Dean’s is one of the best places to eat in Kaneohe.


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