Crazy blue!

Digging through & archiving my old files on my computer, I came across this “thing” that I wrote in 2004.  I don’t know what to call it but here it is.  Oh and if you can’t read between the lines it’s about surfing.

Crazy Blue!
Amidst clear sunny skies,
and warm friendly smiles,
we glide over glass,
on an imaginary pathway.

Through a channel,
and around to the break,
we welcome the surf.

Searching the horizon,
it takes only a moment…
Aided with the trickle of a breeze,
and armed with our own will,
we put ourselves in motion.

Gaining momentum,
nothing else matters,
we take a stand,
and ride our own versions of liquid mountains.

with craft and skill,
we carve these mountains into memory.
That’s life in the blue.

So unpredictable,
no worries or cares,
we hop off our hot sticks,
and travel the path once more.

Over and over again,
till our hearts are content,
there’s no better place.
That’s life in the blue.

The wonderful crazy blue.


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