Shoyu garlic mushroom spaghettini

The other day I was wondering what to eat for lunch when I realized I had all these mushrooms in my fridge.  So the first thing that came to mind was to make some shoyu garlic mushroom spaghettini.  It’s sort of a twist between Asian and Italian cuisine.  Why not right?

Again, I’ll have to apologize as I don’t use exact measurements if I am not following an existing recipe.  This dish is fairly simple though, I’d give it a “easy” rating.

– Shimeji mushrooms (julienne)
– Enoki mushrooms (separated into manageable bite sized portions)
– Broiler mushrooms (julienne)
– Fresh Shiso (you can buy at any Asian market like Nijiya or Don Quiote) –
– Pasta noodles, preferably spaghetti
– You can either use an Asian/Oriental salad dressing like the store bought Gyotaku version or make your own using Shoyu, sesame seed oil, mirin, rice wine vinegar, chili oil & salt/pepper or shichimi to taste.  You can add a little aka miso for volume should you so choose.
– Garlic
– Thinly sliced chicken breast (optional)

I normally start by boiling my water for the noodles first.  When I add my noodles to the boiling water, I start on the dish.

Start off by sauteing the garlic in a fry pan over medium heat. Once the garlic starts getting transparent, add your chicken breast.  Or if you aren’t using chicken, add the shimeji mushrooms, broiler mushrooms and enoki mushrooms (in that order).

*Note: Make sure the chicken isn’t displaying any pink before you add the mushrooms.

At the same time you add your chicken/mushrooms, pour in your salad dressing or your concoction so that the flavors are absorbed.  Add more salt/pepper to taste.  Again I like using shichimi over black pepper.

When the mushrooms look tender this is a sign to add your noodles.  Drain (do not rinse) the spaghetti noodles.  You want to retain the heat it has.  Add the noodles directly to the fry pan and toss with mixture.  Plate and add freshly cut shiso leaves.  Your dish should look like below.

Shoyu garlic mushroom spaghettini.

Easy enough right?  Hope it works for you!  Let me know if you have any questions! The non-chicken version is just as good!


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  1. this looks amazing! thanks for sharing!


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