Learing a new language

So for those of you who have ever taken a 2nd language when you were growing up, you know how difficult it can be once English has taken over as the dominant language.  In addition, unless you use and practice the learned language regularly, it’s even tougher to retain since you aren’t practicing and there’s no repetition.

I take my hat off to those folks who are fluent in languages other than English.  I also gotta give some props to my pals who are from Japan but speak English relatively well, or enough to get by.  Their English is a lot better than my current level of Japanese!

Which bring me to where I’m at.  So for the past 3 months, I’ve been attending an adult Japanese language proficiency class put on by MeetoWorld.  Every Saturday from 9-11am I’ve been learning the language and culture of my heritage.  I figure since I’m a Japanese-American citizen, I should at least know how to speak, write and understand Japanese.  Not only that, everyone in my family has taken some form of Japanese school or can speak/read it fairly well to get by when they are in Japan.  With the exception of a year in high school (20 years ago), my knowledge of Japanese is limited and lacking.

So you can see my lament…It’s tough but at least I’m starting to get the hang of it.  I’ve learned and memorized the Hiragana and Katakana charts.  Now the thing that’s killing me is the Kanji and the proper use of particles and sentence structure.  So for this Saturday I have to study the following things I’ve translated.  Maybe you can tell me if this is correct or not? :p

1.  わたし は 日本しょく を たべること が すき です。

2.  いちばん すきな にほん の たべもの は ラーメン と すし です。

3.  ラーメン を たべるとき は きわみ か ラーメン なかむら か よってこや に いく こと が すき です。

4.  わたし は しょうゆ つけめん か ラーメン と ぎょうざ を たべます。

5.  がく と いまなすてい と まぐろや に おいしい すし が あります。

6.  わたし は すし を たべる とき は スパイシー ツナ と うめ しそ を たべます

7.  わたし は おしょくじ を たべたあと に デザート を ヨーグルトランド で たべます。

8.  たべもの が すきなので うんどう を しなければ なりません。

Did I do it right? Now the hard part…memorizing and speaking it!


2 responses to this post.

  1. oh man. it took me WAY too long to read those phrases. my hiragana/katakana needs some major practice time. **takes out flash cards**

    hope you’re having fun!! gambatte! 😀


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