On Wednesday nights I normally playing tennis with a few friends from Japan.  The best part about playing with them is that we always eat great food after running around for about 2 hours.  Tonight they wanted to try the new Izakaya restaurant Tairyo, on Piikoi next to Ichiriki.  The prices range from $6 – $14 per dish.  It’s decently prices and competitive to other Izakayas.  The restaurant is part of a larger Japanese conglomerate that owns a bunch of places in Japan (http://www.jproject.jp) I had a good feeling when I got there b/c everyone in the restaurant were Japanese nationals and everyone working there was Japanese.  We talked to the manager and he and four others actually moved from Japan to help the parent company open the business up.

The front entrance w/ the big catchy fish sign. I like.

いらっしゃいませ - irasshaimase!

The menus look like an Island Heritage book.

Seafood salad. The dressing was a shoyu vinaigrette.

Sweet potato fries and a honey mayo dipping sauce. This one needs a little work as the fries were a bit on the dry side.

Tairyo roll. It had some raw fish, cucumber, egg and ikura in it. It was pretty good.

My favorite スパイシー ツナ (spicy tuna). I have to say this is one of the better spicy tuna rolls I've had.

Grilled tako. I don't know what this tastes like because I don't eat Octopus :p

Takoyaki in a daikon dashi. Again....don't eat tako but the dashi was good and everyone else liked it.

Grilled fish. I forgot what kind but it was pretty good w/ the lemon and grated daikon.

This was sorta like an Arabiki sausage. I actually don't eat sausage much but it tasted pretty good so I had a couple.

Chicken Karaage. The flavor was good but I think they need to use hotter oil next time since the batter wasn't as crispy as I'd like for it to be.

Spicy pork shortrib. Oh man this was good, nice and juicy.

Honey toast! I haven't had the one at Shokudo in quite some time so it's hard to compare but I enjoyed this! They ran out of Vanilla ice cream so we had it with Strawberry ice cream. I think it tastes better w/ the strawberries!

Overall, this place was pretty good.  I would like to see more things on the menu however as “Tairyo” I believe means something to the effect of abundant.  Some of the dishes like the sweet potato fries and the karaage need a little work but I figure this place has only been open for a few weeks… so maybe if I give it a little more time they’ll work the kinks out.  Check it out if you can…like Ichiriki this place was packed last night.  Luckily for us, we knew one of the managers (Ken from Komokata in Aina Haina) and he gave us a private room.

514 Piikoi Street (next to Ichiriki)
I parked at Ala Moana but you might be able to find street parking or the lot in back.


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