Samsung EPIC 4G

For those of you who are Sprint customers or those looking to making a carrier switch…check out this new phone from Samsung.  It’s the new Samsung EPIC 4G.  Unlike the iPhone “4G” it’s an actual 4G (10x faster than 3G) phone off the Sprint EVDO network. It’s fast and powerful and runs off the Droid 2.1 OS.  I picked up the phone last week and here’s my likes and dislikes about the phone.

My biggest likes (that rise to the top):
1.  The slide-out qwerty keyboard is a plus. I have an iPod Touch and a lot of times that virtual keyboard drives me nuts b/c things tend to get mistyped all the time. With this phone you have the option of both.

Slide out Qwerty keyboard.

2.  4G. Sprint already has muscle behind their 3G EVDO network but 4G is about 10x faster if you live in a 4G zone. Personally, my youtube videos on this phone download and play faster than my computer at home and I’m on Roadrunner. That can be the same for downloading apps or other webpage. The thing is just blazing fast.

3.  The 4.0-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen rocks HD-like quality and superior brightness.  Pictures are so clear it’s like having an actual point & shoot camera for a phone. Plus you get all these cool settings like panoramic shots, sepia, cartoon photos, etc.  If you download the app you can also do videoconferencing and self portraits b/c of the front facing camera.

4.  Apps are made easy. Because of the Droid network you have access to thousands of apps at your fingertips for most of anything.  Because it’s backed by google you also get a lot of their cool stuff like Google Sky map, the Navigation system that actually works like a Garmen or Tom Tom w/ a voice actually telling you where to turn or where to head (in your car).

5.  Virtual syncing.  No need for hardwires. I love the fact that my work calendar and work email can sync directly to my phone. Because my contact and calendar in MS Entourage syncs to my Google contacts and calendar….my phone is updated instantly. It can go both ways too. I can enter something in my phone and my Entourage is updated. Sweet.

My biggest dislikes of the phone:
To be honest there is really only a few dislikes about the phone I have.  The phone is a little heavier and bigger than the iPhone and most other smartphones but this is something I got use to and can easily get around.  The biggest nuisance I believe most people have is with the battery life. I’m not one of those that are contantly checking Facebook, Twitter or Email on my phone so I don’t think my problem is as troublesome to others.  However I do see the how it can be inconvenient when out on the road all day.  One thing that helps is turning off the 4G when you don’t need it and the GPS feature.  Some people download the Advance Task Killer apps but in my experience, doing so may help save battery life but it throws off the OS so you may have some freeze issues within certain apps. I finally deleted the ATK’s and just went with the BatteryWatch app which allows me to monitor my usage and level of power. I’d suggest downloading this app over BatteryDoctor and some of the other free apps out there.

Overall I feel this phone has a lot of potential and so far it kicks ass. I’m glad I bought it and as a current Sprint customer, I was able to get over $200 in rebates so the phone cost me about $240.  I’d recommend this phone if you’re in the market for a new one.

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