“Like” a Corona Light Beer.

This morning I read about Corona Light Beer and how they wanted to be the most “Liked” beer on Facebook.  I must say I enjoyed the read because I liked their strategy for achieving this goal.

First of all, they are approaching a demographic that tends to be a little more tech savvy which is why their lives revolve around social media.  I don’t have the numbers off-hand but my guess is that most active men & women between the ages of 21 and 29 have either heard of social media or are already participating in such mediums as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Next, I’m sure most of you who are familiar with Facebook know it’s not hard to “Like” someone or something.  It’s a matter of a mouse-click or 2 seconds out of your life to accomplish this.  Of course the real challenge is to get people to actually search you out on Facebook in order to “Like” you.

This is why I “like” Corona’s approach to getting people to their Facebook page.  I’m a big believer in content.  If you want people to go somewhere, you need to provide them with something of value.  In this case, Corona has doubled-up on the Kitty.  By liking them you are eligible to download a free song on their site.  For those wondering, I have searched it out for you and the song is “Say Hey (I love you)” by Michael Franti & Spearhead

Okay so big deal, anybody could have gotten that song from anywhere right?  Well the biggest reason Corona Light has close to 60,000 fans after 1 days is because you, yes you…. can have your photo, which you can upload onto their site, be broadcast on a digital billboard in Times Square.  Pretty cool huh? So remember that time you were at the BBQ on the beach and your buddy knocked out holding his beer while you & your fellas got the sharpie and decorated his body?  You were lucky enough to get that moment captured on camera…and now that photo can achieve social media glory as well as getting it up in Times Square. Woosah!

Good one guys.



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