Banned ads.

So this morning I did my usual scour of the internet for any topics of interest as it relates to me personally or within the ad industry.  I stumbled across this article today called “13 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today.” (Read it here)  I showed it around the office and we all had the same response.  Wow. I guess times were a lot different back in those days.  Still, you would think it would be offensive to readers.  It’s no wonder why Mad Men on AMC gets such attention.  People watch it for many reasons, but as infrequently as I watch TV, I caught a few episodes to see what the thought process of ad agencies and clients during those times were.

Nowadays I look at some of the ads that are banned and even those ads aren’t so blatant, sexist or racist as these older ads are.  One thing for certain, is that ad messaging has changed over the years, even how we are communicating to consumers now.  But what remains is the objective of the ads. For consumers to buy into what we are selling and translate that into sales or action.

Here are a few more ads that I uncovered via the web that have been banned.   Some of which certainly have merit to be banned. Others…well I dunno…What do you think?

The Bud Light campaign that was banned from the Super Bowl…Swear Jar…and because it garnered so much viral success, a continuation of the campaign in “Clothing Drive.”

It doesn’t matter what country you’re in ads get banned everywhere I guess.  Here’s one from Japan…

Not sure why this one was banned…


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