Crazy Japanese pranks.

I’m sure many have you seen it before on YouTube or via some email forward.  Japanese pranks.  The Japanese are notorious for talk-show TV and playing pranks on unsuspecting people.  It’s kinda like that old show Candid Camera but 10x more funny and extreme.  You almost have to wonder how some of these shows don’t get sued like they would here in America.  In any case, here are a few of my favs.  Got any?  Let me know!

The Japanese Spa Prank. This is an old one but damn…I always get a good laugh when I see it.

Another oldie but goodie, the Japanese Toilet Prank.

The Japanese way of waking you up….

Japanese way of social conformity…

Ahh the old trick a dude in the elevator prank

This is just plain mean…

This is why I didn’t continue my pre-med in college…


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