So Gong Dong.

So I had a few friend in town this week, hailing from a small town nearby Kyoto, Japan.  The funny thing is I asked them where they wanted to have dinner last night and they immediately said they wanted to go to So Gong Dong in the McCully Shopping Center.  I guess they read about it in some of their guidebooks and also saw other famous Japanese people talking about going there.  It’s amazing how much influence a popular Japanese actress or model has.  If they say, I like going to so-and-so place when I go to Hawaii and that statement gets printed….BAM! You’ll see a ton of Japanese tourist at that specific place.

Hiroko and Naoko wanted to go to So Gong Dong because they read about how good the Soon Dobu is there.  So of course, being the host I obliged although I didn’t mind too much because I like So Dong Gong.  It’s probably one of the better Korean restaurants in town.  I honestly think they were better when they were at their old location on Kapiolani Boulevard (where Nordstroms is now) but it’s still pretty good.

As with most Korean restaurants our meal came w/ all those little side dishes–Kim Chee, Shoyu potato, bean sprouts, etc.  Sorry, didn’t get a picture of that since we were so hungry we just started eating.

The "Original" Soon Dobu (Beef & Pork).

We also go the "Chijimi" as it's know in Japanese or Buchimgae (Korean)

Fried Mandoo, was oishiikatta!

As you can see Naoko and Hiroko enjoyed their meal.

So Gong Dong
2nd Floor of McCully Shopping Center
1960 Kapiolani Blvd.
They are on Facebook too.


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