RIP Andy Irons.

So if you haven’t heard the big news this morning, it was reported that local legendary surfer Andy Irons was found dead in his hotel room in Dallas.  Initial reports are saying that he likely succumbed to complications of Dengue Fever.  It is not known where he contracted the illness but it is a fact that he was on his way home from Puerto Rico where he was to be competing in the 2010 Rip Curl Pro Search.  Puerto Rico has a tropical environment where Dengue Fever is known to thrive through that of mosquitoes.  **An updated report says that Irons may have died due to a methodone overdose, a powerful prescribed substance used to control pain.**

It was reported that Irons did not participate due to sickness and was on his way home to see his doctor.  He spent a few days in Miami with an IV tap for dehydration and was on his way home when he missed his connecting flight in Dallas.  He then spent the night at a Dallas hotel where a hotel worker found him when he did not respond to a wake-up call the next morning.  He was only 32 years old.  His wife was 7 months pregnant with the couples first child.  Such a tragedy.  It really puts things into perspective and makes you think twice.  Life is a gift and you always hear about that cliché, live each day like it’s your last.  Well to me this guy did. He lived it and he conquered it.

Of course many of us including myself did not know Andy personally.  But in some way, we all feel connected to him with our association as a lover of the water and as someone who enjoys the surf as much as anyone else.  I know I will never be as good or gifted as Andy was but that still won’t take away my love for being in the water on a Saturday morning in manageable 2-3 foot surf.

RIP Andy Irons.  There’s some irony that RIP also says rip Andy Irons.  This guy was a true ripper.  Surf, life and to those who dreamed about ripping.


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