A few favorite ad campaigns.

Whether you think they’re funny, intriguing, or effectively move product….what are some of your favorite TV ad campaigns?  Here are a few of mine over the years.  There are so many it’s hard to rank them or let alone remember all of them.  But anyway, here we go, let me know what some of yours are.

As a 7 year old, I was fascinated by these commercials when it came on.  I’m not quite sure why to this day but I always laughed and always had to recite the punchline…”Where’s the Beef?” for a few minutes upon seeing the spot.  I think I even had a T-shirt that said “Where’s the Beef?”…I unfortunately parted ways with it to Goodwill.  Anyway I think this was one of the more effective ad campaigns that created the buzz that would’ve exploded on social media today.

They had a series of this little dude. I saw him make an appearance in a Family Guy episode too so I knew I wasn’t the only one that remembered the popularity of Domino’s Pizza’s little Noid character.

When these series of commercials came out it was the first of it’s kind.  Painted with creative juices all over them, no one could deny not seeing, hearing about them or wanted to see more of them.  Nike has always been a leader when it comes to creativity in their shoes and clothing but it’s also reflected in their ad campaigns.

I had to give this one props, just cause…

Beer commercials are so common you can’t really remember what beer was featured or who was selling what.  Their ad agencies really have to do their homework to break through the clutter of this commodity.  But I gotta hand it to the guys at Bud Light & Budweiser.  2 of their campaigns are very distinct and memorable even to this day.  It’s interesting that beer sales don’t necessarily increase with these successful campaigns…

I don’t think I’d necessarily put this one up there as one of my favorite TV ad campaigns but I think I had to give it mention because when this commercial aired during the Superbowl halftime a few years ago, everyone probably was wondering WTF was that?

This one stuck with me.  Because it happens all the damn time.  So my friends and I always say you said the same thing I did but went like this…

Head & Shoulders + Troy Polumalu = Funny ad campaign. I enjoy the fact that their agency takes a ruthless football player and juxtaposes him with humor, hair and shampoo.  The entire campaigns is worth a laugh or two.

From one man to another, this campaign is pure genius.  The “Real Men of Genius” Budweiser ad campaign started off in radio back in 1999 and moved into Television in 2003.  It’s been 7 years of pure humor and pure genius.  Here’s a few of ’em to enjoy.

Other notables:
Geico ads featuring the Gecko and Caveman
Little Caesar’s Pizza Pizza commercials
Oscar Mayer singing spots
New Old Spice campaign
Frankie like try some of this Pakalolo commercials (local)
Starbucks commercials narrated by the musical group Survivor
Snickers commercials (Gonna be here awhile)
AIG Hawaii Claims Done Fast Done Right Guaranteed spots (local)


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