A few music vids that will make you say, “that’s kinda cool.”

Surfing the web you always come across some pretty interesting music videos.  You see them on someone’s Facebook page, a tweet by someone you’re following or even come across them in traditional media.  Here’s a few that I recently saw that I thought I’d share with you since creatively, they’re pretty cool.  Got any more on your mind? Lemme know!

Those Japanese are from another planet.  At least with this virtual 3D singer Miku. The voice is also generated by a computer but it sure sounds human to some degree.

I like the technique in this video. The song is very elegant too.

This group does all kinds of cool things with their videos. Filming it must be a bitch cause it looks like they need exactly one take each time.

You may have never heard of this song but take this video into consideration.

I wonder how long this one took to produce…

Can you recognize all the logos in this vid?

Everyone does their own music vids/covers nowadays on their own computers.  Here’s an artist that took that concept and just made it better…she’s cute too 🙂

Weird person, weird song & video but creative nonetheless.

Let’s not forget about this classic. This vid was ahead of it’s time back in the 80’s…

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