Cartoons are for kids.

So during the Thanksgiving vacation I witnessed my little cousin watching some cartoons on the tube and I thought to myself, “what the heck is this crap?”  I mean I don’t know what the names of these cartoons where but damn they were bad. They were vanilla, not so much action and well, boring. At least if I were a kid again I’m sure I’d think so.  Anyway it got me thinking that I should give props to the shows that kept me happy back in the day. It’s fitting since from now until December 6, people are joining the fight against child abuse by changing their Facebook profile picture to their favorite cartoon character.  So what were some of your favorites growing up?

Sure there were the classics like the Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Underdog and Captain Caveman but those are too easy.  And just for the record I like the classic Scooby Doo much better than the newer versions…and NO, I wasn’t a closet Jem and the Hologram fan or watching the Monchichi’s or Care Bears. 😡

The video @StarletShay posted the other day reminded me of one of my favorites. In Japan it was called Space Battleship Yamato but here in the US it was simply known as StarBlazers.  A flying space battleship fighting aliens, what’s not to like?

Not to knock on StarBlazers but the plot was nowhere as rich and deep as the “plots” from the Robotech series.  The first and third generation were the best.  Every 7-year old was hypnotized by Lynn Minmei’s singing ie. “To Be In Love.”  It’s no surprise why this cartoon had a huge adult fan base as the action was also interwoven with drama and romance.

It was either because Hawaii has a large Asian population or something else but most of the cartoons I remember watching were heavily influenced by robots.  I mean there was Tranzor Z, Gobots and the let’s not forget that the Transformers came about in the 80’s.  You were either an Autobot or a Decepticon fan.  Transformers were pretty popular everywhere but what about Voltron?  There were the lions or the vehicle version.  I was more of a fan of the 5 lions.  The toy was bad bad bad ass too…well at least for an 8-year old.

Yo Joe was the rally cry and it came from the Joe’s in GI Joe. I think most kids were fascinated by the rivalry between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow if they weren’t afraid of Destro and the voice of Cobra Commander.  So how many of you had playground wars shouting COOOO-BRAAAAA!?  What I remember most from this cartoon was the ending.  They always had a “Knowing is half the battle” segment teaching safety to kids.

It’s funny how popular Kikaida was then and even more now.  Granted it’s not a cartoon it was still a show that you watched as a kid back in the 70’s and 80’s.  I don’t remember a whole lot about this show other than the song Jiro use to sing and that he’d always get his ass kicked before eventually overcoming the bad guy.  I guess I ignored Kikaida because I would have rather watched Kamen Rider.  There were a bunch of different hero’s and they even had books. I actually think I still have a few of them lying around.  Anyway, I hear it’s regained popularity in Japan and I have to thank these guys for being a stupid kid wearing a belt that spun as I pretended to morph into a Kamen Rider.

Thundercats….HOOooooo!  This had some weird characters especially Mumm-ra.  That dude scared the sh*t out of me.  I thought this show was pretty similar to Silver Hawks but a lot better.

Somewhere between checking out Professor Fun or calling “Phone-a-Friend,” I’m sure many of you caught He-Man.  You gotta wonder if they molded that cartoon by the popularity of the rivalry between Schwarzenegger and Feriggno because every single character in that show had the muscles to show for it.

Speaking of Feriggno, The Hulk, Batman and Spiderman were also favorites of mine.  I even had the Underoos to prove it.

Of the American made cartoons my favorite was probably Ducktales.  That song stuck in your head and I’m sure every kid wished they were as rich as Scrooge McDuck.  Or at least as rich as him anyway….

I’ll end this here cause the list could go on and on…but seriously you’re going to compare stuff like Sponge Bob, Dragonball Z or Pokemon to this stuff?  Negatory.


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