I hate leftovers.

If many of you are like me, then you hate taking leftovers to work for lunch.  You may hate packing it, or the taste of the food the next day…or maybe you’re just really lazy to go through the process of getting the food from your fridge to the office.  I for one just don’t enjoy eating the same meal twice in a row.  There are exceptions but this is the general rule of mine.

Of course buying lunch everyday can be costly so I’m one of those that complain about leftovers but shouldn’t be complaining about being broke all the time since it is something I could easily remedy.  For whatever the reason, here’s an idea or two for you guys so you can eat freshly cooked food and at the same time be economical.

It always saves you money when you buy your own ingredients and cook something at home rather than going out for dinner.  Well why not do something like that at work?

Take today for example…it’s raining outside so you don’t really wanna venture out in this weather…at home I had a few ingredients lying around so I scooped them up and brought them to work, leaving them in the fridge….ya ya, for those who are lazy enough to pack leftovers why would they do this right?  Well at least they’d eat a freshly cooked meal versus leftovers and it would still save them money.

But whatever…for today’s meal, all I needed was some lasagna noodles, canned pasta sauce (meat flavored), mushrooms, zucchini and mozzarella cheese. I took a pie pan lying around the office kitchen and stacked dry lasagna noodles, sauce, the vegetables, more noodles, more sauce and veggies and finally the cheese. Don’t worry about not cooking the noodles first.   The sauce and juices from the vegetables will cook the noodles.  Just make sure to cover the pan with foil to keep the steam and moisture in.

It looked like this when I was done prepping it for the oven.

Yep I said oven.  I’m sure most of you have toaster ovens in your office, if not go get one!! They are so useful for breakfast foods like toast and waffles.  They also heat up leftovers for your office mates that do bring home lunch and for you….they can cook.

Bake the sucker at 355 degrees for 40 minutes.  You got plenty of time just start it an hour before you eat lunch…

Take the foil cover off and put the lasagna dish in for another 5 minutes so you can brown the cheese.  Bam…you’re done.

There you go. It tasted good. You’ve saved money and you’ll save even more since you have a few leftovers to make the dish again tomorrow for lunch.  Ya I said I don’t like eat two of the same meals in a row but you’re not.

Anyway that’s just one idea.  Get creative, sometimes I’ll foil pack some frozen chicken with seasonings and veggies and throw it in the toaster over for another homemade fresh cooked meal.  Or, I’ll use that same pie pan and heat up some veggies and thinly sliced meat for sukiyaki.  All of which taste pretty good and it saves me the $7 a day for lunch.  Try it.  You’ll be happy you saved some money and ate some pretty good food.


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