So I’m sure many of you out there have heard of the #Reverb10 challenge.  If not check out this site.  The #Reverb10 as it says on their website, is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next for the new year.

The concept is simple.  Click on the [Click to Participate] button and sign up to receive the daily Reverb “prompts.”  During the month of December you will receive a daily prompt.  Based on the prompt, take the time to answer them any way you choose….that is in 750 words or more 😉  You can blog, Tweet, Facebook or enter it into your own personal written Journal.  The important thing is that you are making the commitment to yourself and putting it somewhere for you to look back on.

I personally did not or am not participating because I feel that I’d prefer to live for today.  Of course this is no knock on the Reverb10 challenge, I think this is a great idea.  It’s good to reflect on things in the past, to remember and to learn from so that you can move forward with your life.  In any case, I just thought I’d give you all the heads up on this challenge if you haven’t heard of it yet….or if you’re actually taking the challenge then congratulations and good luck with the rest of the month!



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