Sometimes, less is more.


As advertisers, I’m sure many have you have heard the term, “less is more.”  For those with your client hat on, I came across this example that illustrates what that means.

So the next time you see that “white space” in your ad or packaging…it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to call your agency up and have them fill it with the kitchen sink.  Often times we see marketers take more of a sales approach and use any ad real estate they have access to by filling it.  Sometimes I wonder if they understand how cluttered this looks and how they are actually hurting their message as oppose to helping it.

I’m sure you’ll hear the rebuttal but the ad looks so plain.  Sure, there’s a balance of what looks good and what doesn’t and you pay your ad agency to take that into consideration.  But if you look at the photo above, which box is more successful at having their name come across?  Now think of this box (I’ll assume you picked the 3rd box, if not you may need to consult your eye doctor) amongst several other cereal boxes on the store shelves with the same type of packaging design…..

Of course this is just a creative exercise.  Corn flakes is an existing brand that’s solid.  But in other cases you will probably need a product shot…just saying….Anyway click here for more examples and the article I was referring to.



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