Manoa Falls Trail.

Today along with a friend who’s in town for a visit from California, we checked out the Manoa Falls Trail.  I hadn’t been on the trail in over 20 years and she had never been on the hike so we decided to tackle it.

Recommend parking on the street below the park entrance and walking up to the start of the trail.  Or you can pay $5 and park in the lot below the trail.

The hike is a lot shorter than I remembered it to be. Overall, the roundtrip depending on how fast you walk and how long you admire the waterfall will probably take you about 40 minutes to an hour.

The trail can be very slippery so be sure you wear comfortable athletic shoes.  Along the trail you’ll hear the waterfall and see the river that is the result of the falls.

You’ll also enjoy the numerous foliage that surrounds you as you walk the path towards the waterfall.

When you reach the end of the trail you’ll see some signs to not pass the rope.  This is for your own safety and to prevent erosion.

The falls itself, if you’re lucky to visit after some heavy rain is pretty cool.  It comes splashing down. I was disappointed that you can’t go closer.  When I was younger, you could actually take a dip in the water that collects in the pool below.  But I guess for health reasons they don’t allow you to get near it anymore.

If you have the time on a weekend, I’d recommend hitting the hike, grabbing some lunch at Manoa Marketplace and then having the rest of your day to do something else.


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