Season of the Witch.


Tonight my friend and I checked out “Season of the Witch” with Nicholas Cage and Rod Perlman.  Check out the trailer below.

*Spoiler alert*

The beginning of the movie starts with a priest executing 3 women who have been accused of being witchcraft.  2 of the 3 women stay dead.  The 3rd shows sign of life even after being hung and drowned.  We see the priest, alone in panic reading from the Book of Solomon to cast the end of the witch but she overwhelms the priest and we see him being hung.

Cut to a scene on a battlefield where two knights, Nicolas Cage and his best friend Rod Perlman are engaged in battle on the Great Crusade.  The two knights are battle tested and have made a name for themselves of killing many “barbarians.”  However, during one particular battle they then see the horror of “God’s word” when they come upon a battle where women and children are slaughtered.  They realize that this cannot be the word of God and desert their duties.

The 2 knights return to England where they find that the black plague has ravaged the land.  Upon entering a village they are captured as deserters.  Before being put to the dungeon, a priest see’s the crest on Cage’s sword and asks that they follow him to see the Cardinal.  By his bedside we see that he has been stricken with the plague.  He goes on to tell them that he has heard of their feats on the Crusade and asks that they go on a quest to clear their name and serve the Church.

The quest is to escort an accused witch to a holy and sacred church where the monks would put her to trail of her innocence or guilt.

I won’t give you all the details on the rest of the story but in the end you find out that the accused witch is actually a girl possessed by a demon who’s goal is to destroy the Book of Solomon and all of it’s copies with the last in possession of the monks.

I thought this movie was not too bad.  If you see it great, if not check out the video.

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