Knight and Day.


Happy Martin Luther King day to you.  If you are one of those fortunate ones, you have the day off…I am not so fortunate.  Anyway, yesterday I got my Netflix DVD in and this time I checked out Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  I actually hadn’t heard too much about this flick other than it was some kind of spy/secret agent type of movie.  I decided to get it after being thoroughly disappointed by “The Tourist” in theaters.  Check out the trailer for Knight and Day below:

*Spoiler Alert*

Cameron Diaz is just some gal that happened to catch Tom Cruise’s eye in an airport so he uses her as a “mule” without her knowing to transport a secret power source that the government is after.  He is actually being pursued by government agents.  We find out later that the government is after him and the power source because they “think” he went rogue and is trying to sell the power source to an arms dealer.  The truth is, he’s actually running from the real rogue agent on the “inside.”  Cameron Diaz gets involved because the government thinks she is willingly assisting Tom Cruise.  I won’t give you the rest of the details but I will tell you that if you liked the star power and comedy/drama of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, you’ll love this movie.  It’ll make you laugh, there’s a lot of action and there’s also a thin layer of a love story intertwined in all of the madness.  I wish I caught this one in theaters but now you can on DVD or Blu-Ray.


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