Origami Ninja Star.


Remember those “hanabata” days when you had those Japanese pencil cases, Zippy’s book covers and trapper keepers?  Somewhere lodged in those trapper keeper side pockets I’m sure you fellas had a paper ninja star.  Yeah, you remember those.  Those things you made during recess with the other fellas and after you were done you whipped ’em at each other.  Too bad those things were never accurate and only flew like 10 feet.

The times have changed, but the needs are different.  Now you can make ’em and ward off irritating co-workers,  the neighbor’s dog that keeps barking all night or your in-laws.  If you forgot how, here’s a tutorial.  Don’t forget, you can make ’em in different colors and bedazzle your friends….

*this video is strictly for my ninjas*


When you're done, the killing machine should look like this bad boy. Imagine if you had 50 of these suckers flying at you...they'd probably bounce off but it still be intimidating...for a few seconds.


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