Just Go With It.


The last few Adam Sandler movies in my opinion have been rather lacking as far as that deep down gut laughing slap stick humor that you’re use to seeing in movies like Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy or Billy Maddison.  So I was a little hesitant in throwing some money down to check out his new flick “Just Go With It” in theaters…plus I had heard the reviews weren’t raving either and of course it’s a “romantic comedy.” 😛

*Spoiler Alert*

Adam Sandler is a plastic surgeon in LA. For years he’s been posing as a married man so he can get some “action” without any commitment.  Then he meets Brooklyn Decker at a party and all that changes.  Things unexpectedly go south for Adam when she finds the wedding ring after a night out together.  He concocts a plan with his lovely assistant Jennifer Aniston to play the part of the soon-to-be ex-wife.  Things get out of hand when Decker discovers that Aniston has kids which also get involved in the lie.  To make matters worse all of them, including the very funny Nick Swardson (playing the part of Aniston’s new but fake lover) get sucked into a trip to Hawaii.  It’s in Hawaii where the players of this lie all come together for the worse…but I promise there’s a happy ending for everyone.

I’m glad I checked this flick out.  It was hilarious…there are even some parts that are so stupid you gotta laugh out loud.  I think the audience enjoyed it too since I could hear a lot of laughter.  If you like slap stick humor you’ll love this movie.  If you’re into romantic comedies you’ll like it too.  Definitely a movie for both sexes.  I also enjoyed it because a majority of the movie was shot in Hawaii, my home state.  Beautiful, beautiful scenery.  Check this movie out when get a chance…if you’re a guy it doesn’t hurt to have a hot Victoria Secrets model Brooklyn Decker in the movie….and….surprisingly a Jennifer Aniston who was always beautiful but looks like she really toned up for this flick.  She looked good too, better than Brooklyn in my opinion.


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  1. The movie had some pretty hilarious scenes. Jennifer Aniston was in fine form as usual. The ending was predictable, but most movies are nowadays. The footage of the Grand Wailea was awesome – I would love to stay in one of their suites if I could afford it. Maybe one day if I ever win the Megabucks …


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