Target Fashion Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular.

First of all let me tell you how much I love Target.  I’m happy that they’ve finally got locations here on Oahu.  I don’t care if the price is the same at Walmart, I’d go the extra mile or pay a few extra cents to buy the same thing at Target.  It’s not only about the products at Target but the feeling and experience you get when you shop there.

When I saw this publicity stunt they did, which by the way was a winner of the TED ads worth spreading competition…I was astounded.  As someone who has worked in the ad and marketing business for over 15 years now, I couldn’t help get all giggly over this ad.  You got to hand it to Target, they always think outside of the box and they’re advertising is always so creative.  This is largely why they create a “feeling” when people shop there.  Sure they may be a discount retailer but their level of brand image among consumers takes them a few steps over the other guys with a feeling of class & fashion.  Example….when I shop at Walmart I think, “saves me money and cheap.”  When I shop at Target I think, “makes me look and feel good about what I buy at an affordable price.”

With the help of their ad agency Mother New York and media production company Legs Media they pulled off what I would call a simply amazing show.  Can you imagine what the budget was and all the logistics that went into this project?

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  1. Very innovative and original. I’m surprised it was filmed in NY because it seems like something I would see in Vegas. I agree with you in that the atmosphere in Target is so different from Walmart. It’s similar to the difference between Walgreen’s and Longs. Now that you’ve enlightening me on the similar pricing between Target and Walmart, I have more incentive to drive the few extra miles to Target for a more pleasurable shopping experience.


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