The new Apple iPod Nano.


Today I received my new Apple iPod Nano via FedEx.  From the moment it arrived I was impressed.  Apple, though known for it’s pricey “toys” is almost synonymous with quality.  I mean take a look at the elegant wrapping it comes in.

Apple iPod Nano case.

Sure, another reason to charge you a few extra bucks but at least the casing looks cool and it protects the product when in commute.

I got the 16GB version which puts you back $179 but you can also get the 8GB version for $149.  Both come with free shipping when ordered online.  Let me tell you, 16GB is a lot of storage space.  I have over 1,200 songs in my iTunes library and that covers about 7.7GB at the moment.  All that…..fits into this little tiny portable clip.  I love it. It’s great for when I work out or go running.  At the same time I guess you’d better be careful because something this small can easily get lost or stolen.

The new iPod Nano is smaller than a larger paperclip!

If you order the Nano online, you can get something engraved on the back for free.  I believe you get up to 25 characters.  If you get the chance, pick up a new iPod Nano…actually don’t pick it up, order it online!




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  1. Very cool! After reading your post I’m so tempted to buy one.


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