Advertising can be pretty cool.


In the world of advertising, often times a client will dictate the message & the creative in their advertising.  Agencies obediently and dutifully oblige…in most cases after a little fight of what they can control.  As “consultants” it’s the agencies job to point things out that the client may overlook or ignore.  Me personally….?  We’ll, I’d have to say that clients tend to be biased toward their own product or service and it influences their advertising.  They get tunnel vision and don’t take what the outside person is thinking into consideration.  “Our brand of energy drink is better than any other out there” when the market is littered with them.  Or, the ad becomes a sell sheet with mediocre creative because the agency is left to work with so many constraints it gives art and creative directors a migraine.

But once in a while the client lets their agency off the leash and releases the hounds.  The lucky agencies have clients that will do this often, some not so much….but either way when that happens……..well that means more things to blog about, pass on to your fellow co-worker and spread through the social media networks.  The results can be rewarding for both parties when you have great creative: A simple message, a little flair, creative means of execution, thoughtful media strategy, hip factor…all are contributing factors that makes an agency’s job something to smile about.  They can go home thinking advertising can be pretty cool.

Here’s a few of those great ads when everything comes together for an agency.  Chime in however, I want to hear what some of your favorites are. Of course there’s so many advertisements out there that I can’t put them all here.

Haribo gummy bears.

McDonald's Free Wifi.

Anando Milk, super human strength.

Strength coach needed tear off ad. Note how thick the actual sheets are.

MacBook Pro ad.

Post-it notes. For those little details you may have forgotten.

Lego 🙂

Nike Football.

Condomi fruit flavored condoms. Ouch.

Fisch Franke, a bus stop sign filled with water and real fish.


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