Don’t be a fool. Get them before they get you.


Happy April Fool’s Day to you.  Today is a widely recognized day for jokes, pranks and foolishness among friends, family, co-workers and people in general. I’ll get straight to the point, get them before they get you.  Here’s a few ideas that you can apply on your own beginning with the simple to the more complex and nasty.  The more effort you put into your prank the better the results…. just remember to have fun with it, and if something happens to you….we’ll don’t take it too personal, just get the party involved back!

1.  Simple office humor. These are pretty easy to do and take little effort.  Before your co-worker gets back from lunch or the bathroom, turn up the speakers on his computer, tape his mouse trackball or light sensor and put tape over their phone’s click-button.  On top of that, if they have a physical calendar, flip it to August change the wallpaper on their computer to something a little more….shall we say “tasteful” and alter the settings on their keyboard and mouse for double the fun.  Here’s a PG example of one of the things I got on my desktop saved as wallpaper….trust me….this is nothing there were much worse versions…..

Yes PG version. Happy birthday to dumb...

2.  Prank call messages.  A few years back we got our co-worker pretty good.  I’m not even sure why he didn’t catch on till after but we left a voice mail on his phone in a heavy Filipino accent saying that this was Mr. Mel Asada and if he could please call him back.  We left the number for Leondard’s Bakery (here on Oahu Leonard’s is famous for their Malasada which is a Portuguese version of the Donut).   What was even funnier was the lady who answered the phone also had a Filipino accent to authenticate our accented voice message…so he kept asking for Mel Asada and she kept asking him how many did he want?

We also got a friend on April Fool’s by having one of our female friends leave a voice message saying that she really needed to talk to him and if he could call her back at this number….the number we left of course was for a “gentleman’s club”….and yes he felt pretty duped since he actually did call.

3.  Time to wake up. At a friend’s place, or if you’ve got kids or some roommates….take their alarm clock and set it for an outrageous hour like 4:30am and then hide the alarm clock in the back of the closet or under their bed.  Image the fun when they get up trying to scramble and find the source of the noise at that ghastly hour.

4.  Social Media surprises. There’s a few simple things you can do here like if you’re not married, change your Facebook status to engaged, or change your Twitter user name for a day (just note that if someone snatches it up while you change your name your out of luck in getting that user name back).  You can do a screen capture of one of your friends profile pictures and change your profile to theirs.  Or even better, if you’re a PhotoShop guru you can go a step further like this guy did.

5.  Office mates….ping pong balls. This can easily be done as the video shows you.  It doesn’t have to work at the office either, you can do this at home with one of the kitchen or bathroom cupboards.

6.  Salty toothpaste. I remember doing this in college.  Take your roommate’s toothpaste and some salt.  Hopefully they have some whitish colored toothpaste.  Take the salt and using a Q-tip or toothpick, shove some of the salt into the opening of the toothpaste tube so when your roommate squeezes out the toothpaste, they won’t notice the salt in the paste until they put it in their mouth!

7.  There’s also the old balloon thing you can get your co-worker with…of course this will need some collaboration and time to blow all those damn balloons up.  This can also work in a home environment like to a brat brother or roommate.

8.  If it’s not balloons, there’s always old newspaper and magazines…

9.  Mix it up. Have the office mates coordinate with you on this one.  Bring a few changes of outfits.  Each time the target co-worker passes you by, change your outfit, have everyone in the office doing this.  Make like this person is crazy if he questions you about it.

Does your boss or co-worker have fish?  Change out his fish.  Make sure you take it to an extreme, like if he has small tiny fish, switch it with a few larger ones.

Move the furniture around in your co-workers office….rearrange the entire layout if possible for full effect.

10.  Chasing cars….. Mmm ya this will take some effort.

Saran wrap someone's car.

11.  Shampoo for suckers. This one’s easy but nasty.  Take someone’s shampoo bottle and replace it with baby oil. Just watch out for the repercussions.

12.  With great effort….comes great things….this one’s a bit over the top but funnier so. A little late to be planning this one…maybe next year.


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