Today’s cool & funny stuff on the web…


Another cool Japanese commercial. Another cool Japanese product.

I don’t even want to think of what the production cost was or the logistics involved in this commercial was.  The Japanese have a way of being very tedious in their work so I can imagine them actually building this versus using special effects in post.

Pull my finger….

Here’s an ad that features florescent lamps in Thailand.  I’d like to see this demoed at a new product show or the next My Energy Hawaii event.

I’d get one of these….

Gotta love the the guys at for thinking up this bad boy.  Available in pink, blue, red and black. I’d get the black. I think the pink would get me in trouble at the playground…where O’Doyle rules….

Speaking of Lego….

Check out Fergie’s dress from the Kid’s Choice Awards last Saturday night.  I could play with that dress all night!

Bieber is a girl?

Okay…so it wasn’t him but damn that’s a spitting image of him…

Levitation photography. The next new fad from Japan?

Natsumi lives in Tokyo with 2 cats.  She photographs levitating self-portrait shots as well as cats (non-levitating).  This is nothing new….taking a photograph at the exact moment you are jumping to give the impression you’re floating on air…except Natsumi has turned it into an art form (and a blog).

And what’s more…..

Target get Klipped….
Do you need a social media detox?
“Let’s Dance,” a TV for 2 short film. Everything is made with paper!
Imagine waking up one morning hung over and finding this in your pocket!


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