Happy hump day, Wednesday on the web…


Everything is better in bed.

This is one of those apps you download for pointless fun.  But the good folks at Sealy Mattresses, have created this app where it let’s you add “in bed” to any of your photos.  So something innocent can turn a little dirty with this special app….in bed.

Art taken to the streets… 


There’s something about using what you find outside on the street for art that much cooler.  Here’s a collection of such from the Bored Panda.

Beat this meat.  If you dare.

New to Japan this week is the BK Meat Monster Whopper, which features Bacon, Chicken and Beef…they even try to be health conscience with the All Heavy Whopper which is half as much as the Meat Monster.

A salute to the Quizno sponge monkey’s.

To this day……what?  But why can’t I stop watching that spot?!

When logos go bad.

These are pretty funny.  This is what happens when logos go bad…when logos are bad…Check out more of them here.

The United States of Dating.

According to the Brand Flakes Blog, this map was put together after joining 20 or so online dating sites.  Looking for someone sarcastic? Shy? Lonely? Sexy?  This map neatly categorizes all of that by state.  Happy hunting!

And what’s more…

Charlie Sheen’s got nothing on international soccer superstar Lionel Messi.
7 psychotic pieces of relationship advice from Cosmo.
Hot Wheels taking outdoor advertising to an extreme.
I could use a micro-sized retro cam!


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