The Recipe.


Tonight at the Hawaii International Film Festival, a few friends and I checked out the last showing of the Korean movie “The Recipe.”  The movie is entirely in Korean but it was subtitled for our English speaking crowd.

When a convicted felon on death row is set to be executed, his last words is he wants to eat Deonjang Jigae also known as Tofu Stew.

This statement leads a television producer on a journey to uncover the meaning and mystery behind the Deonjang that the convict referred to.  He uncovers that it’s no ordinary stew but made by the love and tedious caring of one particular and special woman.  As he ventures on through the mystery of finding how the stew was made and his search for this woman, he also discovers a gem of a love story.

I actually liked this movie.  For the most part it makes you crave for Deonjang and Korean food.  There’s also elements of light humor intertwined with the tenderness of a love story.  The movie is cerebral and will make you think it through once it ends.  The ending itself will surprise you.  A few of my friends didn’t care for it expecting a little more from the crime and action theme.  So I’ll forewarn you, this is a love story and if you like mysteries, the movie will keep you on your feet.  Unlike most Korean dramas, there isn’t a lot of tangents or side stories so it’s easier to follow along and connect everything.  Check out The Recipe if you ever get a chance to. I’m sure it’ll be on DVD in the near future or if you wait long enough it’ll pop up on  I think I’ve already seen it on YouTube so you can start there.


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