It’s Thirsty Thursday, what’s in the fridge…


Let’s hope Thirsty Thursday doesn’t end with this Hangover.

Unless I can watch it at the movies.  Hangover Part II…. can’t wait for this one to release.  Looks like it’s just as funny if not funnier than the first.  Same great “brat pack” cast but with a few added roles on the female side including the very sexy Jamie Chung.  Happy to see that the role for Ken Jeong was also reprised because just looking at this guy’s facial expressions makes me laugh.

They’re baaaaaacccckkkkkk….

Remember those days of spending an hour just to command a “turtle” to draw a star?  Or the original space invaders?  Well according to TIME, the Commodore 64 is back.  Except this time it’s on steroids.  The outside may look the same but don’t be fooled….inside is a 1.8GHz Intel processor, up to 4GB RAM, runs Windows 7, and even plays back Blu-ray discs….sign me up please.

A simple TV spot. But oh so powerful.

Sometimes less is more.  Not sure what the budget was for this spot but the simplicity of it still allows for such impact.  Love how the creative director humanizes the spot with the use of the driver’s family as his “seat belt,” which also acts as a creative focal point.
via @mvnp

10 ingenious iPad self-portraits.

It’s one of those things where you ask yourself….why didn’t I think of that? But now that someone else has you can copy.  Go ahead, no one is gonna look down on you for it.  Check out more of the photos on @Mashable. Or just click here.

Hyundai Accent.

3D video mapping seems to be the next new big thing.  The other day I showed you Target being “Klipped.” Now check out what Hyundai did to reflect on their new campaign slogan “New Thinking, New Possibilities.”  The futuristic treatment definitely gives you that feel that Hyundai is a forwarding thinking auto dealer.  via @JoBluFish

And what’s more…

Paintings turn corporate logos into art.
The United States of Stereotypes.
When bashing a car for charity goes wrong.


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