Friday I’m in Love.


Thank God it’s Friday!

This song will never get old in my book. There’s no reason why you can’t get enough of The Cure.  I don’t care if Monday’s blue…Tuesday’s gray and Wednesdays too…Thursday I don’t care about you…It’s Friday, I’m in love!


When food attacks.

A new campaign of Tum’s commercials has recently been released…but I have to say…don’t you think a few of their spots are a little….errr suggestive?  Here’s another one….I wonder how long these will air before someone complains…


Mistranslations can be oh so funny on a Friday.

If you ever get a chance check out a site called or  It’s a user photo submission site where people around the world can submit their photos on anything mistranslated to English. Of course you know there is no ill will or malicious intent for these signs or signage…it’s just a case of mistranslating another language into English which can often times….okay maybe a lot of times….be funny.


Pistol shaped dog leashes.

Oh come one…really?  This is so stupid…I have to get me one of these… 😛

So whatcha watcha watcha want?

What happens when you get Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Seth Rogen and a bunch of other comedians and actors in an epic Beastie Boy dance off?  Pure f’in magic.


And what’s more…

First ever porn movie….in 3D.
Tweet for a beer.
What if you had one day to change the future of design?


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