Your Highness.


Tonight caught the movie “Your Highness.”  It’s a story of two princes’, brothers by blood.  One noble, courageous and trustworthy. The other a let down, unreliable, yellow-bellied and well…basically a loser.  The story  follows the two brothers as they embark on a journey to save the older nobler brother’s fiance from an evil warlock.

The movie enlists a cast of Hollywood studs like James Franco (Spiderman), Danny McBride (Land of the Lost), Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer), Rasmus Hardiker (Lead Balloon), Natalie Portman (Black Swan) and Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers).

Portman looks great in this movie, I can’t figure out how this movie was filmed, produced and released after Black Swan where she met her current fiance and is now with child.  I guess they shot this movie at the same time or shortly after Black Swan was filmed.  Frankly, I wished she there was more of her in the movie; she was introduced somewhere around the mid-point.

The chemistry and banter between brothers Franco, McBride and McBride’s servant Hardiker keeps you laughing.  You can tell the three are probably good friends and joke around with each other off-set as well as on.  McBride is well-known for playing comedic roles in all of his movies but Franco is really starting to show his funny side with this movie along with a few others like Pineapple Express and brief roles in The Green Hornet and Date Night.  Russ is a Danish actor who is breaking into the U.S. market…looks like he’ll be someone to look for in more comedy movies to come.

I’ll get straight to the point.  If you like slapstick and vulgar humor you’ll enjoy this movie.  If you laughed when you saw Pineapple Express, Something About Mary, Knocked Up….you’ll be laughing when you check this movie out.  It’s medieval times meets The Hangover.  For those not in it for cheap laughs, nudity, cussing or lewd behavior…save your money for something else like The Lincoln Lawyer.


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