River surfing like you’ve never seen it before.


Picture perfect chocolate milk waves.

Amazing footage of Tom Curren and the team from Rip Curl taking in barrel after barrel in the murky muddy tidal bore of an Indonesia river near the village of Seven Ghost.  On of the rider’s claimed to have ridden a wave close to half an hour!


Speaking of stuff in the water…

I’m not a big fan of cats, but if I could have a dolphin as a pet then maybe it’s okay to have a cat too.

The best beer poster/ad ever.

I love the simplicity of what you see above you.  No logos, no sell copy shoved down your throat from the client and sales team….  Per the copyranter, the logo-less Guinness poster is currently hanging in NYC bars.


And what’s more…

15 clever fitness and yoga advertisements.
Another story to add to World’s Most Stupid Criminals.
A history of women’s bathing suits.
Darth Vader goes camping on Endor’s moon.


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