Wonderbra takes marketing one leap at a time.


Wonderbra takes marketing one leap at a time.

I love the phrased used by the narrator….”fortunately for women and unfortunately for men…”

Bacon scented perfume.

Do you remember that Taco Bell TV ad for the Bacon Club Chalupa? 2 gals in the bar, one of them with a Bacon scented Chalupa in her purse that attracts the attention of 3 guys who can’t get enough of her intoxicating smell?  Well for $36 the folks over at Fargginay can give you that edge over the other girls in the bar.

One bad ass Japanese movie I need to see.

Who here doesn’t love a movie with a good rich storyline directed by a legendary Japanese film maker?  When an evil lord wreaks tyranny and havoc over his land, a group of assassins come together on a suicide mission to put an end to his reign.

Probably not the best place for this particular billboard.

And what’s more…

Wedding invite that doubles as a working record player.
For people who love cuteness in their life.
Who says math geeks don’t know anything about sex?
From the visual of this ad….do you get it?



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