Best earbuds for running.


The best earbuds for running.

You always hear the phrase “sex sells.” Well the folks at ZippEarz has taken that concept and applied it into their new commercial for their earbud and patented ear loop attachment.  Regardless of how they sell the product, seems like something worth looking into if you’re into working out while listening to music…and if not…well the spot is good for a few laughs.

How internet trolls get phone numbers.

Go ahead…try it and let me know how it goes.  Either way, I still think you got some big ones if you did.

Genie? Or crazy legs.

There’s just something about those Asian bands that make watching and listening to their music that much better even when I can’t understand what they’re singing about.  Okay… I can make out some words but the above posted video is just one of the reasons Kpop and Jpop bands are starting to go mainstream like The Wonder Girls and you wonder why…hold on, I gotta watch that vid again…

30 nerdy weddings.

Yes they are…. via BuzzFeed.

Who needs iPod speakers when you can get a bullhorn.

The MegaPhone is brought to you courtesy of en&is.

And what’s more…

The power of the sun.
Are drugs turning your teen into strangers?
Sculptures made with bananas. They really are that cool.
The evolution of mobile phones. 3D style.


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