Honest logos.


You were probably always thinking it.

Now someone actually did it.  Introducing ‘honest logos.’ Some of these are a bit mean but a lot of them are pretty hilarious.  Check out more here.

Even a little pot can become a big problem.

Ha! Will the ad work? Who knows but at least it gives the ad some memorability.  I find a lot of anti-drug spots nowadays are very creative but none of them stand out above the rest.  The one ad stands out for me most?  Back in the 80’s…..This is your brain [shows egg]. This is your brain on drugs [shows egg splatting on a hot frying pan]–remember that one?  It made such an impact during it’s time that the Partnership for a Drug-Free America built another spot to capitalize on the equity of the original…the best part of course wasn’t the message but the fact that they used actress Rachael Leigh Cook as the hero.  Other harsh and disturbing anti-drug ads via Copyranter.
Montana Meth Project.
England – Rehab Centre.

Things to bring fun back to the workplace.

A planter and a fish tank joined together.

Rotating Lego electric sockets.

Facebook "Like" & "Dislike" stamps.

You can find more things to bring fun back to workplace via BoredPanda.  I’m actually a big fan of that “dislike” sticker.  I should probably pick one up.

And what’s more…

Walmart receipt of the week.
17 design ideas inspired by nature.
Banned beer ad in Russia. What’s wrong with it?
Russian dead alien video surfaces.


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