The next new use for .gif files?


The next new use for .gif files?

Could this be the next new art form that will make it’s way over to some creative advertising?  They’re not quite still photos or video…they’re called cinemagraphs.  The pieces are the artwork of photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphic artist Kevin Burg.  As you can see, the cinemagraphs are beautiful still photos with strategically placed motion graphics that breathe life into the art work.  Simply awesome…now if I can get something like this to sell auto insurance….

You don’t have to read Japanese or Chinese to know what this is.

Yes people…it’s a sperm retrieval machine via China made by the good people at Sanwe Medical Equipment Company.  You too can enjoy one for only $2,800 + tax & shipping.  Enjoy.

Turning pot holes into art.

Artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera has turned the pot holes in Paris into her very own art gallery.  She’s filled the pot holes with brightly covered fabric.  Cool, that’s a great idea. Not only does this give attention to a problem, it’s actually kinda neat to look at.  Try doing this in your local neighborhood…just be sure to look both ways before crossing since you can’t really decorate roadkill….but then again….Find more of them here.

And what’s more…

Levi’s selling BBQ sauce?
smashLAB (from Vancouver) self-promo ads…
The new Echo Outdoor Power equipment TV spot.


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