The movie entriely paid for by advertising product placement.


Product placement at its best.

From the guy who brought you “Super Size Me,” now brings to you, POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.  The film entirely financed by advertising sales through product placement from various brands throughout the show….and if you’re one of those brands reading this now….you can also have product placement in this blog for a small nominal fee….

What happens when National Geographic starts to document stuff on the Internet

A video, needle, sharpie pen and some balloons…

Can you get this cool vid.  Stop motion at it’s best using balloons!

And what’s more…

6 Mother’s Day gift you can make yourself
MLK, Mark Twain quotes go viral — and are wrong.
Ford Focus’ new mascot Doug.
Axe dirty dilemmas.


One response to this post.

  1. In my years on Madison Avenue – Y&R, JWT, B&B, Ted Bates – I won six awards for creative excellence and served as VP Creative on America’s biggest TV spot account – I’ve heard some pathetic presentations and concepts but this one wins the Oscar. I’m doing a search on product placement to get an update on who is who, what is what, all details possible. My interest is at the highest level. But this idiotic uberenergetic jumble of several voice tracks on top of each other, rendering all unintelligible really takes the cake. What a waste of time and money.


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