A few funny shorts on the web from Thursday.


100 Japanese school gets strut their stuff against pro soccer team.

You gotta love those Japanese talk shows that think of every type of scenario imaginable including a soccer match up between 100 school kids versus a pro team.  Here’s part 2 of the segment.


A fellas dream toy. Now if it could only actually serve beer…and some cocktail nuts while we’re at it.

Most epic and manly beer commercial ever.

I hope the beer tastes just as good…

Blake Griffin in a Rage commercial??

No connection between the two whatsoever but still funny as well.  The cardboard scene sorta reminds you of that ESPN Chris Farley ad

And what’s more…

Guidebook to the folk monsters of Japan.
The Darwinian Evolution of graphic design [infographic].
Thomson in-flight safety video….with kids!


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