15 crazy Japanese ads to start the week off.


What better way to start a new work week off then a good laugh.  Here are a bunch of crazy Japanese commercials that are either funny…strange…or just plain insane.  Enjoy!

It’s the Terminator like you’ve never seen him before. Maybe he should move to Japan to get out of the limelight and start a career in commercials.

Hahaha, I think I’d feel the same way as this dude did.

You gotta love the illustrations….

The actor is actually Korean.  The product is Japanese.  The commercial is silly.

If any of you know what the Japanese pornographic term “bukakke” means, this spot is somewhat based off that concept….why else would the gal be pouring the white stuff on her face and be at the bottom?!


Why I like this commercial.  The spot portrays an “unsexy” product (high blood pressure) and makes it memorable & creative.

It doesn’t matter what language you speak, Milk does a body good.

This is a Japanese commercial, but made in Taiwan. Which is why the talent is speaking in Japanese but the narrator has a Chinese accent.  Either way, I’m looking up up…

Anyone have any idea how the creative even remotely ties into the actual product?

I think I’d like it too if a cute Japanese gal comes running at me and puts me in a death hold…

I’m not quite sure what to make out of this spot. I don’t even feel like eating bananas anymore after seeing them come out of that guy’s nose.  But it looks like this guy could get the chicks with that outfit especially if he floats away on an invisible car.

I think this one is saying Penguins can upgrade your shitter?

Yes….that irritating show Glee is even shown in Japan.

I get it. Hair removal makes your skin shine so much that it can reflect the sun. The guy’s expression is pretty funny. Good example of a commercial with high memorability where I’ll remember the particulars about the creative but in the long run I don’t think I’ll remember the product name.


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