Wheel of Concept.


Happy Friday everyone. Just a quick post today. Wanted to share something with you that I found on the blog site Make the Logo bigger.  It’s called Wheel of Concept.  It’s a little bit of an ad “gag” but still it’s pretty cool….especially for those like myself who don’t work in creative, rather on the account services side of the agency.

Image this scenario….It’s 1:00pm and you’ve got a 2:00pm strategy presentation with your client. You’re still working on it and you just realized that the entire art department is out on lunch so there’s no one to make those neat spiffy custom layouts and presentation boards that you want to use in the presentation.  Your PhotoShop skills are as good as your cooking back in college….what now?  Well look no further than to the Wheel of Concept site!

Wheel of Concept!

It’s quite simple.  Type the brand (your client’s) name into the field and spin the wheel!  When it lands on one of the selections, you’ll be able to download a custom presentation board on the selected topic.  Even better, if the brand is recognized by the site the logo is automatically entered into the presentation!   So let’s say I type in “GAP” and spin the wheel…….it lands on “Social Gaming.”  Once it does that you hit the prompt to download presentation board and Walla!  You get this:

GAP Social Gaming

Not bad huh?  Pretty funny…it’s probably not that far off from what you were probably thinking with regards to your client’s brand anyway 😛 Execution of course….is another story.  Anyway, have a good weekend, spin the wheel….if you dare…

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