Vintage “addictive” advertising…that’s Japanese?!


Came across these on the web today.  I’ve showed you some vintage advertising before but these are pretty cool because they’re Japanese.  You can see the care, precision and artistic value that the Japanese put into their work.  These ads are specifically for cigarettes and alcohol and they are all from the late 19th to mid 20th century….

Hero Cigarettes, 1894.


Tokio Beer, 1896 – 1906.

Chuyu Cigarettes, 1900.

Peacock Cigarettes, 1902.

Kabuto Beer, 1911.

Dai Nippon Brewing Company, 1912.

Kembang Beer (Sakura Beer export label), 1912-1916

Sakura Beer, 1924.

Umegatani Sake, 1926

Sakura Beer, 1928-1932.

Cascade Beer, 1929.

Yebisu Beer, 1930.

Minori Cigarettes, 1930.

"Tobacco Profits for National Defense" Week, 1930 // Hibiki Cigarettes, 1932.

Urara Cigarettes, 1932.

Kirin Beer, 1933.

Zuigan Sake, 1934.

Takara Shōchū, 1935-1938.

Gekkeikan Sake, 1935-1938.

"Defense for country, tobacco for society" (South Kyoto Tobacco Sellers' Union), 1937.

Sakura Beer, 1938.

Kirin Beer, 1939.

Anti-black market poster (violators face 3 years in prison, 50,000 yen fine), 1948.

Message from Japan Monopoly Corporation, 1954.

Source: Pink Tentacle



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