The secret noodle truck.


Meet Mark Krawczuk, an amazing individual who has dabbled in the realms of technology, design and marketing.  He’s used some of his experience to create an out-of-a-box idea….in a box.  That is….a “secret noodle truck,” a hidden restaurant in a box shaped truck.

The noodle truck was introduced recently at the World Maker Faire New York this past September.  According to the Laughing Squid, Krawczuk created the truck in 2008 for a New York Burning Man decompression party.  The truck became the inspiration for the Lost Horizon Night Market which Krawczuk co-founded with Kevin Balktick in 2009 (and has since spread to San Francisco).

Personally, I wish someone would open a Noodle truck here in Hawaii…actually I’m specifically thinking a Ramen food truck.  There’s actually an Udon food truck on Sheridan street (Yajima-ya Hawaii).

I think the concept of a Ramen food truck would work with the success of all of these food trucks popping up.  I’m dating myself here but a long time ago in the 80’s I do remember something similar except not mobile.  There was an Ezogiku Ramen stand about the size of a VW van somewhere on King Street.  It was so long ago I can’t remember exactly where but my parents would take me there all the time. So….any takers???


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  1. Posted by nanigurl on October 13, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Interesting concept! Although I dunno if it would work in Hawaii because the customers would overheat from sitting in a truck, eating hot noodle soup!


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