Big names, foreign ads.


Ever been sitting in your hotel room in a foreign country and see a commercial on your TV with a famous American?  It’s not uncommon…Although I find it strange that foreigners would prefer to put American spokesmodels in their ads over those from their own country.  I guess they best be thanking the powerhouse that is our film industry, which receives audiences worldwide.  The funny thing is you won’t see many A-list actors doing commercials here in the states but overseas, they’re everywhere!

We’re not just talking your Joe Blow B-list actor or actress either, I’m talking big names like the George Clooney’s of movie land….speaking of George Clooney….

It’s a George Clooney Chinese Mercedes ad….here are a few others that I’m pretty sure you may not have seen or heard about.

Yep, Steven Seagal still has pull.  At least in a Daloc home security Netherlands ad.

Even Brad Pitt gets into the action with this Japanese Softbank commercial. The Japanese love Brad Pitt as he’s been in a number of Japanese ads.

Here’s Mrs. Pitt, Angelina Jolie in a Japanese spot for Shiseido.

Even the Gubernator Arnold Schwarzenegger gets into the act with this Japanese Cup O’ Noodle spot.

Holy sh*t it’s a Snoop Dogg commercial where he’s dressed like German folk singer Roy Black (I had to Google that one).  Anyone see the connection it is to a mobile ad? – VybeMobile.

Why don’t these guys stay close to home and advertise here?  According to what I’ve been reading online and the greatest source ever….Wikipedia….American actors don’t want to tarnish their “brand” and seem like a sell out but they are okay with going foreign….not only that, foreign talent contracts tend to be more lucrative as well so it’s more worthwhile for them.

Anyway, I leave you with a Conan O’Brien commercial that makes a mockery of this rationale…thank you Bud Light for seeing that.


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