Google’s search stories campaign.


Happy Halloween everyone, hope you’re having a great day and prepping for what you’ll be doing on All Hallow’s Eve.  Since I figure everyone out there will be blogging about ghost stories, best costumes and Trick-or-Treats….I figured why not go a little deeper….think about it…when you were thinking about what to wear for Halloween this year….or what creepy ghost stories to share with your friends….where did you turn to?  I’m guessing the Internet….and what did you use to get to where you wanted to go on the Internet?  My money’s on Google.

Sure Google is an indexer and not a content generator….also, it was kinda corny of me to tie in Halloween with Google… but have you seen Google’ new campaign, Search Stories?  It really brings some amazing things out of your average Google searches.  These are extremes but not uncommon.  Think about it…how many times have you used Google in your everyday life especially to arouse your curiosity and quench your thirst for knowledge?  So tonight when you’re out trick-or-treating or telling those ghost stories….just remember where you probably got it from and how you got there 🙂

Google Search Stories: An Introduction.

Brian Kingrey: Perfection.

Zack Matere: Growing Knowledge.

The Tofino Riders: A 1,000 Year-Old-Wave.

Caroline: Supernova 2008ha.

Dave Strenski: New Energy for Detroit.

Erik-Jan Bos: A Letter from an Old Friend.


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