Sushi Ogame.


Some of you may have remembered hitting the old Sushi Ogame on Sheridan Street behind Walmart a few years ago and leaving with a smile.  That smile turned into a frown when you found out Chef Koichi Ogame had closed his doors making you wonder why? Is he going to open somewhere else?  Fast forward a few years and Sushi Ogame has reemerged but with a twist.  Word on the street is that Chef Ogame now rents out a bar in the Red Cafe Chinese restaurant on Queen Street in the old Queen Bee location. I wasn’t able to verify whether that connection is true or not but you’ll be happy to know that I have confirmed that Sushi Ogame is within Red Cafe.

The sushi bar at Ogame. When I got here the entire bar was full with patrons. All Japanese nationals, a good sign for a Japanese eatery!

I’m still confused about what the relationship is and if Red Cafe is even open for business because when my party arrived, the only people there were there for sushi.  It was staffed with just one person who was helping Chef Ogame out.  There is a full bar within the premises, however when I called Chef Ogame for reservations, he informed me that it’s BYOB…which makes me believe that Red Cafe isn’t open.  The menu we received was also only for sushi but we saw another menu on the table nearby that did offer Chinese food… go figure.  If you find out let me know what the deal is.

As you can see there was no one there for Red Cafe. The interior however, is quite nice...and don't let this photo fool you because it can get quite crowded here for Ogame.

One thing that wasn’t so confusing was the food.  We each ordered the Omakase.  With tax and tip it ran you up about $58, $60 if you were generous on the tip.  $60 may be a little steep, so the next time I would probably order ala carte.  Although getting the variety we got was undeniably awesome.  Unlike some other eateries with more volume you can tell some of the fish was previously frozen.  But many places serve previously frozen raw fish so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.  The taste is what’s most important and the food was still delicious.

The black noodle reminded me of the Korean naeng myun noodles with a tart vinery dressing topped with unagi. The sweetness from the unagi and the tartness from the dressing were a perfect pairing.

From left to right and top to bottom: Maguro, Hamachi, Aji, Sake & Saba.


From left to right and top to bottom: Unni, Ikura, Toro, Tai & Ama Ebi.

Ume cucumber and Toro takuan.

Ebi miso soup with Asari. This one was oh so good, warmed the soul!

So there you have it. Food was good, but like I mentioned before I don’t think I’d do the Omakase next time.  I think I’ll go ala carte.  The menu is listed on the Ogame website but the prices aren’t so just for you, here it is:

Sushi Ogame
747 Queen Street (parking in lot or on street)
Reservations: 220-4123 or (walk-ins welcome)


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  1. Posted by Keith Inouye on February 8, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Thanks for sharing, the fish looks high quality and that ebi miso soup looks killer!


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