Today’s [Like] posts.


Pizza Hut’s $10 Dinner Box Proposal Package.

Fellas…looking to ask your girl to marry you this Valentines Day?  Why not go with the Pizza Hut proposal package?!

The cat with mind games.

Well played Mr. Boots. Well played.

Spotted in the malls (Seoul, Korea)

For what I don’t know…The Avenger promo? But I definitely feel his pain…especially in the morning.

Puppy alert.

What do you get when you mix puppies and The Conan O’Brien show? Pure awesomeness….and speaking of Conan O’Brien, still love that Super Bowl commercial he did the other year.

30 Inappropriate Sexy Ads.

Wow, some of these would never fly in the US! Check ’em out but just a warning…a few of these, NSFW.

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