De Lijn ad campaign (Belgium)


Happy post-vday to all you lovers and bitter singles out there. Hope you survived your night. I mean really people it’s totally a Hallmark Holiday, sorry to spoil the fun but Valentines Day is a business! Trust me….I work in the marketing biz lol…but for all you hopeless romantics out there, I don’t want to be the downer at your party so it’s still the perfect day for you to show your affection to your true love awwwww…..

Anyway, going off tangent here…it’s not often Americans are exposed to advertising from other countries for obvious reasons….language barriers, product availability, etc. there are many reasons.  But just like in the states, you can find a good ad campaign anywhere.

De Lijn, a Belgium bus company, had one of those ad campaigns.  Check them out below.

Why I like them:
Message – It’s smarter to travel in groups.  It’s simple and easy to grasp.  The visual execution of each spot reinforce this message which also makes for higher recall.
Concept – As I mentioned above, each spot plays out a scenario that reinforces the message of groups traveling together.
Visuals –  You can probably get any type of group together in reality, living or non-living, but using the computer animation will also aid in recall. How often do you see commercials on TV targeted towards adults in this fashion? Not much which will make it stand out more.
Variety – Companies like Geico and McDonald’s are very good at this.  They take the same message but make multiple spots that pound away at it.  I’m not sure how long this campaign ran but it helps with over saturation and keeping things fresh when you have a bunch of these in your back pocket.  It will also pro-long the length of your campaign.
Humor – They say humor aids in the memorability and the likeness of particular ads. It’s very subjective but with these ads, I gave them a warm chuckle. They’re kinda cute that way.

My favorite of the 4 is probably the ant version.  Advertising creative however, is like art. Everyone has their own opinion. You may not like these spots at all. What do you think?


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